Microsoft not interested in Handphone (or afraid to lose again!)

New York - In handphone segment, till now Microsoft is recognized only plays at operating system via Windows Mobile. Then did they also interest to make breakthrough with producing handphone? Within near timethe answer is no.

"I don't think makes handphone would be sensible for us (Microsoft)," said Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Steve Ballmer when talking in The Wall Street Journal conference.

According to Ballmer, than making handphone, strategy that is most acurate for Microsoft is always tries to reach for more market shares in segment of operating system mobile, that is cooperates with famous handset producer.

"In future will there is a planted operating system in every handphone. Can come from us or the other," said Ballmer.

Related to the development of Zune digital music gadget, Ballmer tells the company will do expansion in Zune product line. The purpose, to be more quickens the penetration of this peripheral so that can break the domination of iPod.

"We always commit for the shake of Zune development, and at this year Christmast we have owned line-up which it is of course would more pleasing," he said.


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Spam King is arrested

SEATTLE - Alleged harms many people, a 27 years old man described as the spam king is arrested by government officer. US Federal authoritative is sure with the catched of virtual world criminal, distribution of garbage email in Internet will decrease.

Man called Robert Alan Soloway is catched after federal grand jury specifies 35 collisions done by the spammer. Among others are letter theft, conection theft, email theft, identity theft, and money laundrying. He is alleged to apply "zombie computer network" to send millions of spam email.

Attorney express that Soloway use the computers which already infected by bad code to send spam email since year of 2003. The computers called as zombie because the user is unconscious has been infiltrated by bad program which programed to send spam email continuously.

Soloway has failed in similar demand for value of US $7 million submitted by Microsoft in year of 2005. An Internet access service provider in Olahoma also wins the suing for the price of US $10 million because the activity, but Soloway still doing the bad activity. One of spam sent loads link which is continued to page website managed by Soloway. In website, he offers its ability sending more than 20 million advertise email during more than 15 days, only with expense of US $495.

Soloway activity starts to investigated after the authoritative receives hundreds report of complain about spam. Department of Social Services, Santa Barbara, California, for example having to spend US $ 1000 per week to overcome spam. Soloway himself has inscribed as spam consignor by The Spamhaus Project, international organization of anti-spam.

"He is one of 10 biggest spam makers in world," said Tim Cranton, legal advisor of Microsoft which also senior director of Worldwide Internet safety Programs. He tells, Soloway has made many problems to the consumer so that the catched is happy news.

But, Soloway self defence with all accusations. Even the four bank accounts is freezed, he still can pay for the lawyer without resistance. Soloway himself till now lives in luxuriant apartment and ride his everyday Mercedes. Now, he must bend in prisoner and awaiting the next litigation.


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Mccartney Premiere Video Clip in Youtube

NEW YORK - Member of Beatles band, Paul Mccartney launch the new solo album. This time he permitted YouTube to play the album video music for the first time.

"Memory Almost Full", it’s the title from Paul McCartney 21st album. This album is the compilation of new songs which Paul creates during two years. In its age which has stepped on 64 years doesn't lessen its energy for always having masterpiece.

One of McCartney song is entitling "Dance Tonight", the video clip is played by Natalie Portman and directed by Michael Gondry, which made film Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

This video broadcasted for the first time in whole world at on 24 May 2007. There You can see Natalie Portman, Holywood rising star actress and act in V for Vendetta film stands as futuristik electronic ghost is appears because call of mandolin voice which played by McCartney.

At the official web, McCartney tells that the acquaintanceship with Portman because its daughter, Stella, also the antileather shoe designer of Portman. "I then call her and asks my desire to invite her to cooperates," said Paul in

McCartney video in YouTube has less than 5 minute duration. Officialy, this album will be launch to market at 5 June 2007 in United States.

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Wikipedia Article available in CD

Around 2.000 choice articles in Wikipedia will be collected into CD to be distributed offlinely. This effort is a way to propagating the knowledge to various kind of public especially which is not able yet to conect to Internet every time.

Wikipedia CD version 0.5 will contain the topics about geografi, art, literature, science, and history. In CD articles selected using special software assess rating which is important and good quality. Martin Walker, a senior academician from US, also will assist selects of these articles manualy.

"We wish to provide main topics and of course also chooses best articles in Wikipedia," said Profesor Walker from State University of New York, US. Selected articles will be ascertained written to be natty with good structure, free of mistake, diffraction, canadalism, and promotion.


This CD only contains articles in English. In detail there are 1.964 articles selected from English-speaking literature with the numbers now reachs around 1,7 million articles. The CD will be sold at the price of US $13,99.

Next CD collection would be available in multilingual. A DVD contains 239.000 choice articles and selected by manual in Polandia language would be available in a few next week. While the CD with France language is been prepared.

Wikimedia Foundation in its statement express supply of CD depicts the mission propagating konwledges to all people. "Not only provides it for which is not conected to Internet but also as compilation of best articles in Wikipedia," said Florence Devouard from Wikimedia.

Besides direct effort of Wikimedia, supplies of article offlinely have ever been done eleemosynary institution for SOS Children in the year of 2006. At that time, the institute collects choice articles from Wikipedia which suited for 15 years age children. Webaroo collects Wikipedia article into memory card so can be accessed through hand gadget. While Encyclopodia makes it can be accessed during someone carying iPod.


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Windows Media Player work in Firefox

As part of the effort huddling up open source community, Microsoft finally provides new plug-in so Windows Media Player can be implemented in Firefox 2.0 web browser. This free Plug-in obtainable in Mozilla site.

According to Hank Janssen, Port 25 program manager in Microsoft laboratory which collaborating with open source, with instaling the plug-in, there is no problem again is experienced by Firefox user at Windows Vista like reported before. Besides Vista, the plug-in also usable at the operating system of Windows XP SP2 32 bit version and 64 bit version. This Plug-in can work for Windows Media Player to 6.4 version and supports OCX interface which can be applied by developer to enrich the application.

Now, Microsoft also develops various other plug-in to support Firefox. In last November 2006, Port 25 laboratory cooperating with Mozilla to build plug-in for CardSpace, made in Microsoft identity management technology.

Even stringency competes in market with Internet Explorer, likely Microsoft cannot close their eyes that Internet user also more and more using Firefox. Like or dislike Microsoft technology also must support the rival browser.

Mozilla Browser newest version of Firefox 3.0 scheduled will lauched to the market in this year-end. While newest Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer 7, already release some times ago.


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Microsot Surface, Monitor like A Desk

SEATTLE - After been awaiting for 5 year, finally Microsoft successfully makes surface of desk has the same function with touchscreen monitor called Microsoft Surface. Microsoft surface is a monitor screen having design like a desk which can be made more interactive, and has trill. Usage of desk surface as screen which more interactive indirectly also will eliminate the function of mouse and keyboard.

Instead, Microsoft applies voice sensor and touch to operate it. Thereby, desk screen with 30 inchs size will enable you to touch, moves object at screen, until ordering food menu in restaurant.

New technology from the biggest software producer in the world will be marketed for corporate user in November 2007 with selling price resides in the range of US$ 5000 until US$ 10000 for one units of Microsoft Surface. The price and segmentation of Microsoft surface is possible that will experience degradation.

Forwards, in next 3 or 4 year, possibility Microsoft Surface will be made also for individual user or consumer. But cause of cheaper price, indirectly also will minimize measure and the performance.

"Microsoft Surface can be conceived as multi billion product category. We are sure, forwards, this technology will extend, starts from surface of desk until mirror which located in street alleys," said Steve Balmer, Chief Executive Microsoft.

For first appearance, Microsoft has made it double-duty. Virtual Custodian at Las Vegas Casino Harrah’s Entertainment Inc, Hotel Starwood, and Sheraton Hotel.

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